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About The Police and Photography
Police photography is exciting, you may have got the best action photo of that policecar attending an incident or simply a panda outside a police station. But consideration should be taken before diving in head first, in some areas and major cities security against terrorism is a high priority and someone taking photos of police vehicles may cause raised eyebrows to anyone watching you, especially in London where CCTV is commonplace near to police stations and goverment buildings, i would recommend these simple guidelines
1). JOIN an interest group, so you can go with others to various Organised visits.
2). ALWAYS carry identification with a photo if possible. You may be asked for it.
3). ASK before taking any photos, 9 times out of 10 you will get a positive response from police officers who will then normally be happy to explain a bit about the vehicle to you (their time allowing of course).
4) DON'T trespass into unauthorised carparks /depots /garages without prior permission as this may lead you into prosecution by the authority concerned.
5) DON'T take photos of unmarked vehicles, they are unmarked for this reason, if you want a photo of a blue mondeo or any other plain car, your local car dealer will be happy to let you.

About My Travels
Here's a log of my travels.
April 2001: Aylesbury, THAMES VALLEY
May 2001: Godstone, SURREY
May 2001: East Grinstead, SUSSEX
May 2001: Laindon Traffic Depot, ESSEX
June 2001: Chadwell Heath Traffic Depot, LONDON
July 2001: Heathrow Airport Police Station
July 2001: Chertsey, Surrey Traffic Depot
July 2001: Hastings, Sussex.
Aug 2001: Peterborough, Northern Traffic Base
Aug 2001: Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire H.Q
Aug 2001: Northamptonshire, Oundle Police Office
Oct 2001: Portsmouth, Isle Of Wight
Oct 2001: Godstone, SURREY (again, for new vehicles)
Dec 2001: Kent Police Traffic/CIU
Feb 2002: Taplow, Thames Valley Traffic depot
Fed 2002: Reading, Berkshire (TVP)
Mar 2002: Rye/Hastings/Bexhill(Traffic), Sussex
Mar 2002: Bedfordshire Traffic Sub-Office, M1
Mar 2002: Nottinghamshire Traffic Sub Office M1
Mar 2002: Derbyshire, Alfreton Police Station
Apr 2002: Hertfordshire, Watford Traffic Base
Apr 2002: Hertfordshire, S/Mimms Traffic Office
May 2002: London, City Police and Greenwich police station
June 2002: BTP Ashford.

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